Welcome to Women Empowerment

Join this community and make it yours!

Welcome to Women Empowerment

Join this community and make it yours!

Actualizing Your Creative Potential

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About Us


Let's Do This Together

Join us in the adventure of the True Sisterhood, where we support women.

There is profound magic when one enters into a new place of women empowerment in relationship with authentic women. You can discover through self awareness, a new context for your own life’s journey as you perceive all of your relations, circumstances, and moments as interconnected elements of an underlying harmonic order. 

Our Mother Earth is calling on us. The time is now for women to be the avant-guarde trailblazers into the next frontier-the multi-dimensional invisible field of energy and intuition and conscious collaboration, based on love, joy, peace and hope. 

All are welcome to join us! 

Alexandra True and Roxie Smith Founders of the True Sisterhood



To create a community where women can share and dance and sing and be themselves totally as real as anyone could be.  The True Sisterhood is where you know that you are loved, that you matter and belong, and are powerful and courageous.


Women's issues of INEQUALITY & pseudo connections


Statistics show that many more women are lonely, isolated, bored, stressed out, feeling unattractive and living without meaning and purpose in unhappy relationships than there were fifty years ago.

So the new technologies and the women's liberation movement have not really helped the everyday life of most women and many lack the confidence and support to find a way out.

Join the True Sisterhood and take a stand for self-actualization and emotional freedom and boldly living your best life. 


THE TRUE SISTERHOOD Mission is to create a melting pot community of women where there is enough  love and support and freedom to discover and express their joys, sorrows, dreams and powerful magnificence.